Bergen Fine Print is a full-service letterpress shop that can bring your printing and design ideas to life. Contact us to discuss the ways that letterpress can make your project unique.

Can we do everything with letterpress that you can do with digital? No! There are designs and procedures that make letterpress look fabulous, and we would be happy to discuss these with you. Letterpress takes more time to produce than more modern methods of printing, but the results are unequalled. Let us show you!


With the help of some expert riggers and their equipment, the time finally came to install the heaviest of the equipment into the new shop. Printing equipment doesn’t want to move around! We hope these machines will stay where are are now for a long time to come. Like to see how it all works? Get in touch!


One purpose of the Bergen Letterpress Atelier is to make available to letterpress artists (or those who wish they were) a wide variety of letterpress equipment and supplies. The Atelier is now in operation with the following letterpress tools:

  • Adana 8 x 5 tabletop press
  • Chandler & Price platen presses: 8 x 10, 10 x 15 and 14 x 22
  • Heidelberg “Windmill” press 10 x 15
  • Vandercook press SP-15

Workers at the Atelier have access to these presses, as well as metal and wood type, decorative typecuts, a guillotine paper cutter, and all the supplies necessary for fine printing.

In addition, Bergen Fine Print has in operation a very rare Monotype display caster, along with the matrices to cast dozens of fonts and dingbats in sizes from 14pt – 36pt.

Come explore your passion for letterpress, or learn more about what makes the process–and the result–totally unique. Equipment at the Atelier is also suitable for printing from lino blocks and woodcuts.